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     Issue Date   Friday   31   October   2008     Issue    1601  

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85.9% of Teachers Succeed in Pay-Scale Test

Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and Minister of Education Yousri el-Gamal announced the results of the teachers' pay-scale test. The success rate was 85.9%. It will be posted on the ministry’s website on Monday.The pay increase for teachers who passed the test will be disbursed as of December according to five levels: 50% of the basic salary for the first level; 75% for head teachers; 100% for head teachers (A); 125% for experts and 150% for senior teachers, El-Gamal explained.Teachers who failed the test can take another test in August, he added.In a related context, Al-Masry Al-Youm learnt that some 180,000 answer sheets have not bee electronically corrected. For his part, head of the National Center

  By Hisham Shawki and Ashraf el-Ga’ar

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Accumulation of Hundreds of Passengers in Neweba Port due to Shortage of Ferries

For the second day in a row, some 1200 passengers accumulated in Neweba Port due to a shortage of ferries to the Gulf. "Sharazad" and "Nefertiti" ferries are the only two that operate in this line.Passengers


  By   Ayman Abu Zeid, Ibrahim Sediq

Mubarak to Israeli Newspaper: Egypt Makes All Effort to Release Detained Palestinians in Return for Shalit

President Hosni Mubarak said that Egypt is making every effort to release the Palestinian prisoners in return for Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier that is detained by Palestinian groups in Gaza. The


  By   Cairo -MENA

Israel’s Love to the Arabs

Israel is a friendly country to the Arabs. It is engaged to some Arab countries like Egypt and Jordan with peace agreements. It is also looking forward to seal similar peace deals with other Arab countries.It


  By   Mohamed Salmawy



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