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Kuwaiti Authorities Release Officers Accused of Torturing Two Egyptian Youths and Keep Victims under Custody

    Sami Abdel-Rady and Wael Ali    24/ 8/ 2007

el sabah

Kuwaiti police refused to release the two Egyptian youths tortured by Kuwaiti police officers in spite of the prosecution’s decision to free them. Kuwait City prosecution decided to release five police officers on a 500-dinar bail each. They tortured the two Egyptian youths with sulfuric acid to force them to confess to forging work permits.

First prosecutor general, Yehya Moftah, ordered that the five officers be referred to forensics after they accused the two victims of beating and resisting the authorities while being detained inside the Migration Investigation Department.

 The five defendants affirmed to have been injured by the two youths and denied torturing them.

They affirmed that when the two Egyptians were arrested, their bodies were covered with bruises, wounds and burns, and that they were well treated inside the police station.

Investigations lasted 14 hours and prosecution listened to the depositions of the two victims, Hossam Selim and Ashraf Abdel-Shafi. They affirmed that the officers arrested them in front of their domicile in Sulmaniya, brutally beat them with hoses and plastic pipes, brought sulfuric acid into the police station and poured it on their bodies.

One of the two victims wondered before the prosecution’s investigator: “How could my colleague and I resist five police officers with our hands and feet cuffed?”

He added that the officers forced them to write a confession where they affirmed that they had suffered the injuries before being arrested.

Egyptian human rights organizations condemned the racist treatment of people residing in Gulf countries and demanded that Kuwaiti authorities quickly investigate with all those responsible for the torture, refer them to court, compensate the two youths and interrupt the procedures to expel them until the case is closed.

Sawasya human rights center affirmed in a statement issued yesterday that it has received certain information about tortures suffered by Egyptians abroad. This confirms the popular saying that if Egyptians had value in their own country, they would certainly have one abroad.

Translated from the Arabic by Eltorjoman International

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