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     Issue Date     7   June   2009     Issue    1820  

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Al Masry El Youm Launches Its New Online Reactive Gate

       7/ 6/ 2009

A photo of the homepage of Al Mary El Youm new online gate

In celebrating its fifth birthday, Al Masry El Youm enters a completely new stage through launching the experimental edition of its new online reactive gate.  The current online site of Al Masry El Youm has more than 200,000 visits a day.

Moreover, when it comes to the press, Al Masry El Youm has become the first newspaper to be searched for by internet visitors, which calls our attention to the necessity of taking such an ambitious step.

The gate which became available on the internet today was developed in order to publish Egyptian, Arab and international news around the clock. Furthermore, it provides the news through a wide variety of modern techniques, so that it could be a real match for the 21st century information industry.

Through this gate, you can keep in touch with all the current news on a minute-by-minute basis which is brought to you by excellent journalistic coverage that uses a range of techniques such as text, sound, photo, Multi-media and live broadcasting.

In addition to the news service which is updated to the hour, Al Masry El Youm has the honor of introducing video news for the first time to her dear reader.  You can watch the last updated works of the editors of Al Masry El Youm which contain among other things, video news, video news reports and documentary films.

In compliance with reaching the broadest range of readers inside and outside Egypt, the gate provides an English copy of Al Masry El Youm that introduces a daily translation for selections of the most important news, essays and analysis' that are published in the Arabic edition.

The new online gate will be run using the latest versions as well as techniques of reactive networks, providing users with a wide range of services making it possible to react with the online material through many ways.

Of these ways are the comments on news and their evaluations, with features of saving the news, printing out articles, the ability to send them to others or republish them on famous social online sites such as Facebook.

The visitor may also keep track of news updates on the site through the Twitter feature. The visitor has also the ability of browsing the most frequently-visited content, taking part in questionnaires and polls as well as the possibility of sending the readers contributions to be published on the site as a brand-new service for the popular press.

Furthermore, it is worthy to mention that the service we celebrate running it today will be an experimental stage that is aimed for our dear visitors to try the gates services.

At the same time, it would give us great pleasure for us to receive suggestions of adding more services or improvements to the gate in its new mantle. Also we wish to receive any complaints concerning problems that are faced by the gate visitors, as this is the main objective of the experimentation period of launching the site.

You can visit us on that link:


Translated from the Arabic by Eltorjoman International

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