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     Issue Date   Wednesday   20   May   2009     Issue    1802  

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Ray of Hope

    Galal Amer    20/ 5/ 2009

Everything in Egypt is stable except the weather. This May, it is too hot to be borne. In a May like this, Egypt witnessed economic openness, which turned all poor people, including teachers, into businessmen!
At that time, they started to divide Egypt among themselves as if it was a cake. Any honorable man who refused to take a piece was accused of refraining from theft. We were looking for an honorable brave man to light the way for us and give us hope.
Corruption ran rampant to the extent that it was said mothers were waking their children in the morning to ask him to go and steal anything just like everybody else does.

I want to thank former minister of housing, construction and land reclamation, Hasaballah al-Kafrawi, who lives in a two-room flat with a narrow hall. All Egyptians love Al-Kafrawi, unlike the ministers who came after him and exploited their posts to achieve personal gains!

Indeed, there are noble and honorable persons everywhere and anytime. We should not lose hope to meet with honorable men. Once we met such a person, we should take care of him because his is a hard currency. Indeed, every field has an honorable man like Al-Kafrawi, who was fought by the thieves. Instead of taking the side of the honorable people, the state helped the thieves.

The good days have not come yet, and there is always a light at the end of the tunnel to guide us. Therefore, the coming parliamentary election, especially in light of the world financial crisis, is the last chance for us to get out of this tunnel. In spite of all these conditions, we should cling to hope and abandon despair.

In a moment of despair, a friend of mine hit his head to the wall. Security bodies arrested him on charges of protesting, but he denied this and told them that he only wanted to test the wall's hardness!

Translated from the Arabic by Eltorjoman International

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