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     Issue Date   Monday   19   May   2008     Issue    1436  

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Strategic Deception

    Khaled Salah    19/ 5/ 2008

Have you noticed the term 'strategic plan' that the government often uses?

There is a strategic plan for agriculture, another for linking education to the labor market, yet another for developing public hospitals and even more for tourism, energy, wages and exports.

Does this mean the government had no strategy before and was working haphazardly?

I only see this as the government is looking for any justification to stay as long as possible. I call this 'strategic' deception.

What strategic plan is that to change the secondary school system three times in less than two decades? What strategy plans a country that has known agriculture   for 7000 years?

Such deception is not like the one Sadat did to his enemies in the glorious October War. It is one against the very people of this country.


Translated from the Arabic by Eltorjoman International

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