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Mama Nouna and Seven Journalists Receive the Mustafa and Ali Amin Award

    Mohamed Abdel Khalek Mesahil    15/ 4/ 2008

Photo by Hossam Fadl
Winners of the award with Syndicate President

The Journalists Syndicate gave the Mustafa and Ali Amin Award of this year to seven journalists and to actress Karima Mokhtar for her outstanding performance of Mama Nouna in the famous TV series 'Spoiled Brat'.

The other winners were: Talk Show Host Mona el-Shazli, Mohamed Barakat, Chief Editor of Al-Akhbar Newspaper, Mohamed el-Shamaa, Chief Editor of Akher Saa Magazine, Seham Zohni, a journalist of Rose Al-Youssef Magazine, Mustafa el-Naggar, Deputy Chief Editor of Al-Ahram Newspaper, Amr el-Leithy, Chief Editor of Al-Khamis Publication and Magdy el-Gallad, Chief Editor of al-Masry al-Youm.

The famous media person Amal Fahmi hosted the celebration that was attended by many journalists and writers, including poet Farouk Gweida, who took pictures with the winners.

Syndicate President Makram Mohamed Ahmed expressed his appreciation for choosing the Syndicate for holding the ceremony. He said that this is the highest professional award in Egypt, not only for its value, but for its objective criteria for selection.

Mona el-Shazli said: "The award is a material and moral aspiration for me and any media person, and I donate this check to the establishment of the second Cairo University."
Barakat said: "I am honored by the award and I am privileged to be working for Al-Akbar that was founded by Mustafa and Ali Amin. I donate the check to the Pension Fund of the Syndicate."
El-Shamaa, who received a standing ovation, donated the moral award to his colleagues and to his teachers who helped him achieve success for the magazine, and the check to the training committee of the Syndicate.

El-Gallad said: "This is an important day in my professional life," stressing that al-Masry al-Youm has always committed to true news and free opinion, which were the principles put by Mustafa and Ali Amin. He attributed the success of the newspaper to the late Magdy Mehanna for putting the professional and ethical principles and values that the paper is following until now. "I donate the award to Mehanna whose presence is still felt," he said. And he donated the check to Mehanna's family.

El-Leithy donated the check to the Faculty of Mass Communication. 

Before the ceremony, clashes took place among opponents of el-Shamaa and some young journalists who claimed he has marginalized their role. They raised banners in protest against awarding him the prize and held a sit-in at the Syndicate.

Translated from the Arabic by Eltorjoman International

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